Changing a Young Man’s Life Through Literacy

Some parents view the following topic as black or white. Either you have a child who loves to read, or you don’t. Either you are a parent who loves to read, or you don’t. Many parents have children that are slaves to technology. You may have a child who is enthralled in sports, who has a learning disability, or who has never held a tangible book in their hands outside of school in their lives and would never ever consider the notion. If you are reading this article, chances are, this is a concern for you. You may even be wondering, how do I get the young man in my life interested in the world of words, so he can spark his imagination and build those brain cells? The answer is in adventure.

Violence vs Vulnerability
In a world of fast-action video games there is a strong debate on how violent and visually stimulating our culture is becoming and the influence it is having on the next generation of males. The problem also lies in the effect it is having on males who do not want to participate in this culture, leaving them vulnerable to bullying. In the world of any adventure books for boys, the realism and fantastical worlds of characters can help boys relate and imitate a world that is in their mind, not one that is before their eyes.

The Importance of Literacy
The words that young men are able to transform into worlds in their imagination take on new meaning, forcing them to build new neuro-pathways, while building their literacy skills in the process. They are able to build their vocabulary, grammar, and understand conflict, resolution and interaction of characters in the environment of which they live. They are able to escape into worlds, fight dragons and see new lands- while at the same time learning in a way that is mystical and unnoticeable. It is proven that the more a person reads, the better they are able to write, comprehend, speak and listen.

Setting the Example

The question is, how does one get their child or young adult to read if they are dead set against it? How do you pry the phone from their white knuckles? First of all, setting the example sets the precedence. Young men will mimic what they see. If they see you read, they will begin to parrot the behavior. If they see you on your phone, they will be on theirs. If they see you reading adventure novels, they may become interested. Another tip is to try different things like buying graphic novels on eReaders and then move to the real thing. Find different authors of different adventure and fantasy genres. Once they find a series they like, they will be hooked. They just have to find one that peaks their interest.
Getting a young man to read in today’s age can seem daunting. However, the benefits are so great. Setting the example and finding an adventure author that they can gravitate to can be life changing for them, helping them to escape to a new world while building their literacy and phonic abilities. Starting a young man young is always the best way to go, but it is never too late to encourage a start.

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