Choosing To Attend A Trade School Instead Of College

Many teens today are pressured to go to college immediately after graduating high school. Some students end up taking courses for a major that they aren’t fully invested into and end up failing or spending money and time on classes that they won’t use when they eventually switch majors to something, they find interest in. Another option if someone young isn’t fully into college is to possibly go to a trade school to find a job that is more for them or find a trade that only requires an associate degree. Those working trades have been in high demand since more young people than ever have chosen college instead of working a trade, so you might have a much easier time as well applying for a job once done with your education. Follow some of these trades if you live around the Chicago area and decide which one is right for you or a teen you know.

Web Developer

Typically when you think about programming, you’d think that you’ll need a Computer Science or Computer Engineering degree to get anywhere in the business. But what about web development? For many web developers today, they found that they have been able to get far by simply learning on their own. Today, you have many different options of learning how to be a web developer whether you decide to attend a development boot camp which can last up to 6 months usually, to earn an associate’s degree in 2 years, or to learn through the internet. By searching around, you can find free web development courses that will take you through all the basics to some of the hardest material, along with giving you projects to do. Adding projects to a portfolio is important so if you can keep working on some new ideas, you can get further than someone who has a typical 4-year degree. Consider being a web developer if you want a trade that isn’t as much physical.

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Anyone looking to build a house or business for the first time needs an electrician. According to the United States Department of Labor, jobs in this industry are expected to grow 9% through 2026 If you are thinking of a trade school most any electrician trade school chicago il. will have  different and longer process than most other trades. An aspiring electrician will first go to school to learn everything in the classroom they need to know. After starting out as an electrician, they will need to be working with an expert electrician under an apprenticeship. Apprenticeship requirements can differ based on what state you’re working out of, but typically they are around 4 years. Once your apprenticeship is done, you can pass your exam to be licensed as a Journeyman Electrician where you’ll still be working under a Master Electrician but less oversight than before. If you find yourself liking the business, you’ll be able to make your way to becoming a Master Electrician where you’ll get paid more and get to overlook a team.


These two trades are just a small portion of what you can choose when deciding to work a trade. By working a trade, you’ll be helping industries that have seen a need for workers all around. Make sure you figure out what you want to do before putting all of your time into it.